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01 Mar. 2021 / 17:49

COVID-19 in Moldova: Two doctors lost their lives and another 994 people contracted the infection

Another 994 new cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed today in the Republic of Moldova. Of the total number of cases, three are imported (two - Ukraine and one - Romania). The total number of tests performed - 2,360, of which 2,120 primary and 240 repeated. The balance of COVID-19 cases in our country reached 186,447.

Of the total number of cases, 30 are health workers: doctors - 11, nurses - 15, support staff - four.

In total, 3,844 patients confirmed with COVID-19 infection are hospitalized in medical institutions, of whom 307 are in an extremely serious condition (56 are connected to assisted breathing apparatus).

Another 655 people were declared cured. In total, 166,833 people were treated by COVID-19. In home treatment with mild and moderate forms of COVID-19, there are 10,021 people, and 17,739 are under home supervision.

At the same time, MSMPS announces the registration of other deaths caused by COVID-19. It is about 26 people, including two doctors.

To date, 91 health workers have died from COVID-19 infection.

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