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01 Dec. 2020 / 20:22

Animals from the Chisinau Zoo, ready for winter

The Chisinau Zoo is preparing for winter. Visitors can come even in colder weather, but will not be able to see all the animals, especially those that are more sensitive to cold. Thus, some species of monkeys, which have already taken refuge in warm rooms, can be seen less often. At the same time, the two bears from the Zoo are ready for hibernation. All animals are prepared for winter and are monitored by housekeeping staff, reports Moldova 1.

01 Dec. 2020 / 19:00

Call: Know your HIV status, get tested and do not admit the discrimination

"Know your HIV status, get tested and do not admit discrimination." This is the call of the public authorities launched by the World HIV / AIDS Day, marked annually on the first day of December. Thus, the disease detected in the last century continues to be a discriminatory factor in society, and HIV-positive people are stigmatized and isolated, reports Moldova 1.

01 Dec. 2020 / 18:00

Romania's National Day, marked in a narrow way

In a small way, Romanians everywhere today celebrate the National Day and the 102nd anniversary of the Great Union of 1918, without parties, parades and traditional food, reports Moldova 1.

01 Dec. 2020 / 17:51

COVID-19 in Moldova: 1,499 new confirmed cases and another 19 deaths

Another 1,499 new cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed today in the Republic of Moldova. The balance of COVID-19 cases in our country reached 108,863.

01 Dec. 2020 / 17:02

CNAS no longer issues paper certificates

The National Social Insurance House will no longer issue any information and paper certificates to other applicant institutions as of December 1, as all data can be found online on the MConnect Interoperability Platform, created by the Electronic Government Agency, reports Moldova 1.

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