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22 Sep. 2020 / 19:33

National Wine Day, in pandemic conditions

The organization of exhibitions, webinars and tastings, as well as the awarding of prizes and medals, are some of the activities that will take place on the National Wine Day, celebrated this year in pandemic conditions. According to the organizers, the actions planned for October 3 and 4 will review the successes achieved in the 19 years since the launch of the festival, due to which, the Wine Day has become a worldwide event. This year, all activities are organized in compliance with the protection measures against COVID-19, informs Mesager.

22 Sep. 2020 / 19:07

Fight between Stephen the Great and Suleiman the Magnificent, transposed on a chessboard

The battle between Stephen the Great and Suleiman the Magnificent is depicted on a chessboard inlaid with Swarovski stones. The work belongs to the sculptor Pavel Obreja. Chess pieces that can weigh over 15 kilograms were made by hand for three months, Mesager reports.

22 Sep. 2020 / 17:30

COVID-19 in Moldova: 650 new cases  confirmed

Another 650 new cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed today in Moldova. 2,565 tests were performed. Of the total number of cases, nine cases are imported from the Ukraine, Monaco, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Turkey. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection (MSMPS), the balance of people infected with the new Coronavirus has reached 47,446 cases.

22 Sep. 2020 / 11:15

Several European countries set new restrictions amid rising COVID-19 cases

In many European countries, governments are preparing much tougher restrictions amid the rising number of COVID-19 cases. In the UK, bars and restaurants will close sooner. In Austria, wearing a mask becomes mandatory again in restaurants and markets. The authorities in Munich also introduce new protection measures, informs Moldova 1.

22 Sep. 2020 / 09:34

Over 36,000 Moldovans unemployed due to the pandemic

The state's main priority is the health of its citizens, but the restrictive measures introduced to protect the population from the new Coronavirus SARS-VOC-2 were in fact a shock to Moldova's economy. While some citizens could work remotely, most service providers did not work from home.

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