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01 Mar. 2021 / 20:00

A high school in Drochia has its own radio station

They are taught to step into the world of professions from an early age. The “Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu” Theoretical High School, from the town of Drochia, has its own radio station, “Tinerii Hasdeieni”, thanks to a grant offered by the Soros Foundation-Moldova. It is the only one in the northern part of the country and was created as part of a project involving members of the High School Students' Council. According to the administration of the institution, the radio station is an opportunity to socialize during this difficult period. The young high school students compete in captivating shows, which are broadcast during the breaks between classes, informs Moldova 1.

01 Mar. 2021 / 19:37

The "Creanga Days" Festival has started

The famous storyteller from Humuleşti, Ion Creangă, remains an incomparable teacher of the nation. Testimony in this regard is the "Creanga Days" Festival, which began today, March 1, in Chisinau, Iasi, Targu-Neamt and Pipirig and will run until March 5 in online format. At the 11th edition, participants of all ages from both banks of the Prut gathered to discover the wisdom and humor of the Crengian literary heritage, informs Moldova 1.

01 Mar. 2021 / 17:49

COVID-19 in Moldova: Two doctors lost their lives and another 994 people contracted the infection

Another 994 new cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed today in the Republic of Moldova. Of the total number of cases, three are imported (two - Ukraine and one - Romania). The total number of tests performed - 2,360, of which 2,120 primary and 240 repeated. The balance of COVID-19 cases in our country reached 186,447.

01 Mar. 2021 / 17:16

Fewer buyers this year at martisors fairs

Even though the weather outside was gloomy today, the first day of spring has happily arrived in people's souls and faces. People did not give up the tradition of giving martisors and came to the fairs in the center of the capital. However, the pandemic has upset the plans of traders, who complain that sales are modest compared to previous years. Even so, folk craftsmen competed in the variety of martisors, reports Moldova 1.

01 Mar. 2021 / 17:07

PAS reiterates its position on the organization of early elections

PAS announces that it has taken note of the PSRM statement on the political crisis in the country. However, according to them, any discussion on the parliamentary platform must start from the supreme interest of the citizens, and this was clearly formulated by the voters in the last elections.

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