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14 July 2020 / 19:30

Study: 80% of those cured by COVID-19 may still have symptoms two months after infection

About 80% of people infected with the new type of Coronavirus still have symptoms two months after getting sick. These are the data of a study conducted on patients theoretically cured of COVID-19 and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reports Moldova 1.

The research was performed on 143 patients in Italy who had been hospitalized for the new Coronavirus. 28 of them needed mechanical ventilation or were intubated. Thus, after being treated, the tests being negative, four out of five people still complained of some symptoms.

The data show that at the time of evaluation, almost 13% of cured patients had no symptoms, 32 percent had one or two symptoms, and 55 percent had three or more.

Two months after the first symptoms of COVID-19, no one had a fever or had any acute symptoms of infection, but more than half said they were tired.

At the same time, 43% of the respondents mentioned that they still have difficulty breathing. Nearly a third of former patients reported joint pain and 22% chest pain.

At the same time, 44% of the patients who participated in the study said that their standard of living had worsened as a result of infection with the new virus.

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