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30 Oct. 2019 / 08:00

Radio Moldova, 89 years of activity today

Radio Moldova marks today, October 30, 89 years of activity. Over time, over 120 thousand recordings were stored in the national archive of the national broadcasting. Radio Moldova can be listened to on the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova, on FM and AM waves and online on TRM.MD.

For nearly nine decades, generations of journalists, editors, artists, engineers worked 365 days a year with dedication and ardor to bring to the homes of radio listeners latest and objective news, the most interesting shows, the most beloved music tracks, concerts, broadcasts and radio shows.

Radio Moldova, during its activity, was not only the devoted friend of the listeners, but also made history with them. It reflected the most important events, being the main source of information for people. The public broadcaster has collected and preserved much of the country's cultural heritage.

Currently, Radio Moldova continues to be a communication platform for its audience. The national radio station is to respect and promote values ​​such as responsibility, credibility, editorial independence, political and social pluralism, equidistance, competence, perseverance and tenacity, impeccable conduct, politeness and tolerance, creativity and receptivity.

Currently, the Radio Moldova grid contains 83 programs, 16 of which are from the Golden Fund of the media institution. In its structure it has seven services ("Radio News", "Debates, documentaries, co-production and investigations", "Culture", "Music", "Youth", "Children", "National minorities"), two departments ("Heritage" "Recordings and musical groups", which includes the Symphony Orchestra,  "Moldova" Choral Chapel) and the Radio Technical Center.

Public Broadcaster Teleradio-Moldova launched on the domestic media market on this day, only in different years, the niche radio stations: in 2008 - Radio Moldova Music, and in 2012 - Radio Moldova Youth.

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