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08 Oct. 2020 / 06:20

Summary of the day, every night on "Moldova 1"

Breaking news, reports from various events in the country, interviews with ordinary citizens, politicians and high-ranking officials - you can see them all, night after night, in the main newscast of the day "Mesager", broadcast on the public channel of television, Moldova 1.

The presenters Elena Băncilă, Ion Botnaru and Leanca Lasco Raţă enter the live show, starting with 19:00, and informs you about all the events that take place during the day. And the reporters of the "Mesager" are always looking for information of public interest, they travel to all regions of the country and tell you the stories of people from many fields of activity - agricultural, economic, social.

On the other hand, they knock on the door of central and local public authorities, ask for their opinions, make investigations, so that viewers are informed objectively, impartially and equidistantly.

An informed person is a strong man! Watch Moldova 1 daily, starting with 19:00 and online on TRM.MD.

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