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26 Jan. 2021 / 09:11

Protests in the Netherlands: More than 150 people have been arrested

The Dutch law enforcement forces faced again, on Monday evening, after a weekend of disturbances, those who challenged the traffic restriction at night and made more than 150 arrests, writes

Numerous violent scenes took place in various cities in the Netherlands. Law enforcement intervened in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Amersfoort and Geleen.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has condemned "criminal violence".

In Rotterdam, police fired warning shots and used tear gas and water cannons after the mayor issued an emergency order to disperse the protesters.

In The Hague, several groups of people threw stones and fireworks at police officers on bicycles. In addition, they set fire to several objects on the street.

Several arrests were made in Amsterdam after damage was reported by protesters.

Supporters of the Willem II football team took to the streets of Tilburg to "protect their city" from hooligans, local news site Brabants Dagblad wrote.

The weekend's violence has been described by Dutch police as the worst in four decades. About 250 people across the country have been arrested. A COVID-19 test center was set on fire Saturday night in the village of Urk, local authorities said. A 39-year-old man from Almere was arrested on Saturday for posting online threatening messages to journalists, the ANP news agency reported.

Mayors in several cities have vowed to introduce emergency measures in a bid to prevent further unrest.

The Dutch government introduced the harshest measures since the beginning of the pandemic a few days ago - including a night traffic ban between 9:00pm and 4:30am. It is the first for the Netherlands since World War II. Anyone who violates the rule is fined 95 euros.

The protests began over the weekend, after the measure came into force.

The Netherlands has recorded about one million cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic and more than 13,500 deaths.

The bars in the country have been closed since October, and schools and shops have been closed since last month. In addition, flights from the United Kingdom, South Africa and South America have been suspended for fear of spreading new strains of Coronavirus.

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