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12 Apr. 2019 / 14:31

The EU promotes pollution reduction and the green economy in the Eastern Partnership countries

Promoting green economy and reducing air pollution are just a few actions to be implemented by the authorities in the coming years, according to a European Union project for the Eastern Partnership countries. The project, launched today in Chisinau, aims at increasing the energy efficiency of the country and the share of energy from renewable sources, as well as the extension of the area of agricultural land with ecological production, priorities already included in the National Development Strategy Moldova - 2030.

"Ensuring by 2020 the greening of some 30 small and medium enterprises through adequate support in the implementation policy green economy, reducing up to 30% of air pollution by developing sustainable transportation," said Secretary of State Julia Costin.

"This project aims to support us in measures to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources, improve the quality of the environment, the population and stimulate economic growth in the Eastern Partnership countries," Government Secretary of State Lilia Palii said.

"They will be promoted priorities related environmental strategy assessment and environmental impact assessment, institution building in the field of environmental protection, newly created Environment Agency that needs support. So, those activities that relate to the economy," said State Secretary Valentina Ţapiş.

According to the representatives of the European Union, the growth of the economy in an ecological environment is a priority for the foreign partners.

"Promoting the environment, greening and improving the climate is a priority on the agenda of the European Union. The future of the planet requires real action. We need to accelerate the growth of the green economy in Moldova, and there are many actions to be taken," said the head of the EU delegation, Marco Gemmer.

The project is aimed at all the Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

As stated by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, the project will be financed, in the amount of 19.5 million euros, by the European Union and another 0.5 million euros are provided by other external development partners.

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