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27 Sep. 2020 / 14:23

Two Moldovans create a virtual collection of traditional shirts worn by Moldovans everywhere

They set out to create a virtual collection of stories of the popular shirts of the Moldovans in the diaspora. We are talking about Dorina Baltag, PhD in political science, community leader "Good luck, Holland" and designer Ana-Maria Eftodi, who recently released a virtual album - "Ie journey", which brings together the most wonderful journeys of our compatriots, an album that tells the story and the connection between it and its owner. When and how our compatriots started this adventure, how the first page of this story was written, but also what the two Moldovans intend to do in the future, found Oxana Gherman Roşca, the director of the show "Letters for home" from Radio Moldova.

Established for many years abroad, Dorina Baltag has created a bridge of communication with the Republic of Moldova through her projects. One of them was recently launched, and her accomplice is Ana-Maria Eftodi, a designer, also settled in the kingdom of the Netherlands. It's about the virtual album - Ie journey. Initially, they aimed to identify ten Moldovans from the diaspora who would tell their history. Today they are proud of 50 stories and say they don't stop here.

"It simply came to our notice then. I was saying to Ana-Maria - "Let's see if we can identify ten people". And that was very easy. Both having lived abroad for many years, we had enough contacts and people in our circle. And we started with the dearest circle of people, with our friends. I think it was easy and continues to be easy in the way people connect. Each of our interlocutors recommends at least three people we can talk to. And when they entrust themselves, I just listen to them. A few times, some people told me that "they don't have a story," and I just told them to trust me, because I'm going to listen with a lot of interest and love, and then I'm going to sew that story on who wears it. At the moment, I only wrote the stories of theirs, of women's shirts," says Dorina Baltag.

"We are fast approaching the number of 50 stories. Because we have great plans, we set out to gather 365 stories. We want to take this project to new levels. I had the main goal at the beginning to reach ten stories, because I really didn't know how the world would react, how easy it would be, how easy it would be to open up and tell Dorina all the stories and thoughts I keep hidden in my mind and in the soul. But anyway, we knew we would be able to gather a lot of beautiful people. Our Moldovans are everywhere and have a lot to tell, you just have to give them this opportunity and they will open up," says Ana-Maria Eftodi.

The two Moldovans say that they will not stop only here, at the virtual album they are currently working on. They want more. They want to publish a book that immortalizes all the stories of theirs, told by Moldovans everywhere.

"In the future, we intend to come up with a book. I think we will understand along the way what we want this book to look like. But we certainly want to have these stories immortalized in a physical format, in a book, which we can pass onto future generations, our children, why not, who can learn about our traditions, about these beautiful people who they told the story," says Ana-Maria Eftodi.

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