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12 Nov. 2020 / 09:05

We are reborn for the future, a concert dedicated to Youth Day

"We are reborn for the future" - is the generic of the concert dedicated to Youth Day. The show will take place on November 12, at the Palace of the Republic, on the stage of which will perform all the groups and soloists of the National Philharmonic "Serghei Lunchevici". In their new home at the Palace of the Republic, the philharmonic groups continue their work with the same devotion, love for music and spectators, reports Moldova 1.

"Lately, I have noticed with joy that young people are more and more interested in symphonic music, academic music and we have created this program dedicated to Youth Day," said Mihail Agafita, artistic director of the Symphony Orchestra.

At the concert, young people who grew up on the stage of the National Philharmonic will perform.

Although they have all the conditions at the palace, the artists' thoughts still return to the philharmonic headquarters.

"We are already making plans until the philharmonic is built. We want to have a special concert every month. Next month will be a duet show. We are moving forward because a group cannot stand still for long," says Petre Neamţu, the artistic director of the Folklore Orchestra.

During this period, people continue to donate for the reconstruction of the philharmonic.

"Even today, the "Alexei Stârcea" School of Arts came with a donation of 11,000 lei from the teachers. Valentin Golomoz brought an extraordinary clarinet. Ion Bufteac's family gave the philharmonic a piano restored by him. It's a very nice attitude. Thank you for your attitude, for your dedication, for your sensitivity," said the director of the National Philharmonic, Svetlana Bivol.

A limited number of 50 spectators are allowed at the November 12 concert. Moldova 1 is the media partner of the event, which you will be able to watch live on November 12.

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