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19 Mar. 2019 / 14:06

"Room for Dialogue": Leaders of extra-parliamentary parties about the political situation in the country

On Tuesday, March 19, starting at 18:10, listen to a new edition of "Room for Dialogue" broadcast on Radio Moldova and online on TRM.MD

The guests of the journalist Cristina Popescu are the first vice-president of the Liberal Party, Corina Fusu; the leader of the Anti-Mafia People's Movement Party, Sergiu Mocanu and the president of the "Democracy at Home" Party, Vasile Costiuc.

We discuss with the guests of the issue about the political situation in the country, possible coalitions. We will find the point of view of political party leaders who do not have access to Parliament. From the guests of the show, we will try to find the outlook of extra-parliamentary political forces, the directions on which they will focus their efforts and whether they will participate in the general local elections.

TRM.MD recalls that a new composition of Parliament was elected on 24 February. Following the poll, the representatives of three political parties: PSRM, PDM, SOR and the "ACUM" block have access to the Legislature. For the first time, deputies were elected on the basis of the mixed electoral system. Election results have been recognized by the international community and have been validated by the Constitutional Court. President Igor Dodon is due to sign the Decree on the convocation of the first parliamentary sitting of the 10th Legislature.

Watch a new edition of the "Room for Dialogue" show, starting at 18:10, on Radio Moldova and online on TRM.MD.

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