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11 July 2019 / 10:38

Get to know the young photographer Octavian Micleusanu in the show "Cine vine la noi?"

Octavian Micleusanu loved painting since childhood but he decided to be a photographer. He is from Moldova and he settled in the international city of artists, Venice.

He is very active in the cultural and artistic life there. He participates as a painter in many exhibitions and as a photographer at the Venice Cinema Festival, the Art Biennial, the Contemporary Dance Biennial, the Architecture Biennale, as well as in the fashion presentations of the latest collections of Fashion Houses . We will discuss about his activity in the show “Cine vine la noi?”

Then you will also find out information about dried fruits. Why is this method for preserving fruits better than jams? Nutritionist Lucia Gavrilita will speak about the preservation of nutritional properties.

Expert in parenting Snejana Frija will speak about children education.

Do not miss the show "Cine vine la noi?" on Moldova 1 TV and on-line on TRM.MD starting with 17:20.

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