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Posted by: Cornelia Stefoglu

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27 Mar. 2020 / 19:28

The Olympics are postponed to 2021

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided that athletes who have already secured their ticket to the Tokyo Olympics should remain qualified at the 2021 postponed event due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Under these conditions, Moldova retains its seven participation rates, reports Moldova 1.

The IOC officials and those of the 32 sports federations involved in the Summer Games, convened during a teleconference, agreed on this basic principle, even before discussing a reprogramming of the competition to be held between 24 July and August 9 in the capital of Japan.

About 57% of the 11,000 participants in the OG have already obtained the qualification, according to figures communicated during this week by the IOC.

Moldova currently has seven qualified athletes: Lilia Fisikovici, Serghei Marghiev, Dimitriana Surdu and Zalina Marghieva, the archer Alexandra Mîrcă, the swimmer Tatiana Salcuţan and the fighter Anastasia Nichita.

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