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03 Apr. 2020 / 19:50

Moldovans practice sport at home during covid-19 outbreak

Moldovans do not forget to practice sports even during the period of coronavirus pandemic, when all the sports halls but also the parks and leisure areas are closed. They claim that daily gymnastics helps them to keep fit but also to increase their immunity, which is the most important now, reports Mesager.

Lesi Mancoş is part of a modern dance ensemble. For her it is very important how she looks and feels. Even if he can't go to a gym, she does sport to keep fit.

"During the quarantine period, we are forced to spend most of our time in the house, which is why I urge you to do as much sport as possible at home and to consume healthy food”, said Lesi Mancoş.

Igor Antoci says that physical movement helps him to feel good  in this tense period.

"During quarantine, consume as many vegetables and fruits as possible, reduce alcohol consumption, sleep at least 7-8 hours a day and do physical activity for at least 15 minutes," said Igor Antoci.

For Mihaela Olaru, sport is a daily source of energy.

"Even if you are quarantined, do not forget to continue promoting a healthy lifestyle, and as they say, a healthy mind in a healthy body, eat properly and stay home," said Mihaela Olaru.

All gyms will resume their activity after the end of the emergency period, set until May 15.

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