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07 Aug. 2020 / 18:13

A batch of tomatoes, returned by ANSA inspectors

A batch of 18,480 kilograms of tomatoes was returned by the inspectors of the National Agency for Food Safety (ANSA).

Following the phytosanitary control performed by ANSA inspectors at the Leuseni Border Inspection Station and the test report issued by the Central Phytosanitary Laboratory, the presence of the absolute pest Tuta in the living state and which is a quarantine object for our country was confirmed.

According to the national legislation, ANSA is to notify the detection of the quarantine object which is included in the List of harmful organisms, plants, plant products and other objects whose introduction and spread in the Republic of Moldova is prohibited.

As a result, ANSA ensured the non-admission of the non-compliant lot on the market and, respectively, the sale of tomatoes by returning the lot to the country of origin.

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