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17 Aug. 2019 / 16:35

Group of young Americans will volunteer for two years in Moldova

They learned the Romanian language and they love the Moldovan customs and customs. This is the group of American volunteers who took the oath at a special ceremony. For two years, the 48 young people will be actively involved in the social life of Moldovans. They will teach education for health and English in schools. Although they have only been in Moldova for two months, the volunteers were impressed by the culture and hospitality of the Moldovan people, reports Moldova 1 TV.

"I think Moldova is very beautiful and has many opportunities and I want to learn a lot in Moldova and about Moldova. Nature is very beautiful and the community is very pleasant ”, said Peace Corps volunteer Marrina Repp.

„Romanian is a little heavy. I like Romanian. Moldova is very beautiful and the people are very friendly and the food is very tasty. I like rolled rice cabbage a lot”, said volunteer Garrison Davis.

"We are proud of the future group of volunteers, they are very well integrated and we expect many beautiful projects and achievements from the group. Today 48 volunteers took the oath ”, said the training manager, Tereza Zagaevschi.

Volunteers took the oath in the presence of Deputy Chief of  the US Diplomatic Mission in Moldova, Martin McDowell.

" Volunteers are motivated by dedication. They are here for an intercultural exchange , ”said the Deputy Head of the US Diplomatic Mission in Moldova, Martin Mcdowell.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Liliana Nicolăescu-Onofrei, appreciates the  activity of volunteers in Moldova.

"I think the part of communication and intercultural exchange is important, with their peers and with their host families and colleagues. To better understand who we are and what we can do together, "said Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Liliana Nicolăescu-Onofrei.

The 50 volunteers came to our country two months ago. Meanwhile, the volunteers participated in an intensive training program to become English language teachers and  teachers for education for health. They will also be community and organizational development consultants. During the training, the volunteers live in host families and study the Romanian language. The Peace Corps volunteer service is a 27-month commitment and the agency's mission is to promote peace, friendship and good understanding between the American people and other peoples of the world.

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