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10 October 2013 | 13:52
TRM launches public consultation on 2014 Terms of Reference
Public Company "Teleradio-Moldova" completed the development of the 2014 Terms of Reference project and will launch on October 22, at 14:00, at the Casa Radio (TRM headquarters), public consultation on the document.
Diversification of the audiovisual offer through creation of the Radio Moldova for Kids in the online environment and creation of a studio to produce documentaries, further upgrading the television and radio are among the commitments made by the company for the next year.

According to the document, Radio Moldova aims to ensure the maximum possible share of live broadcasting from 6:00 to 20:00, from Monday to Friday, which would, on one hand, allow to reflect operative events of public interest, and on the other hand, expand public space for dialogue. In 2014, the public radio station aims to achieve a volume of 94.5% of own production. Objectives stipulated in Specifications also include: launching broadcasting upgraded studios for radio channels Radio Moldova and Moldova Youth and Children, enhancing technical safety of live broadcasts by purchasing and using a mobile car.

In turn, TV Moldova 1 intends to achieve in 2014 its own product of eight hours per day (first broadcast), an hour longer than this year. Another objective is to capture the audience of the rural areas and in particular the young. In this regard, it intends to extend the entertainment shows (from 7.6% in 2013 to 12.5%), arts and culture, sports. Sports broadcasts volume will increase substantially compared to previous years due to the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the World Cup.

In 2014, the TV Moldova 1 plans to create a studio to produce documentaries. Projects "National Dignity" and "Witnessing History", a series of deportation witnesses, starvation and other sad events of the past that are not so distant, will be among the first productions of this studio.

The Terms of Reference for next year also aims to complete implementation of a new payroll system by mainstreaming the practice of periodic evaluation of the employees’ performance. In 2014, for the first time, the budget of the "Teleradio-Moldova" will be reported to the level of performance which demonstrates employees.

The 2014 Terms of Reference is published on the website www.trm.md with all attachments for public consultation.
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