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29 Nov. 2020 / 09:00

Stray dogs, to the attention of municipal authorities

Dogs are man's best friends, but not stray dogs. Over ten thousand stray dogs roam the streets of Chisinau, near shops, dumpsters and places to find food. Stray dogs pose a huge danger to pet owners. The only viable solution to reduce the number of dogs proposed by the municipality is to expand the shelters and continue sterilization, Mesager reports.

Actress Alina Stoianov regularly walks her dog through Valea Morilor park. This week, her daily routine turned into a terrible memory. The young woman was surrounded, then attacked by several stray dogs.

"I dared to withdraw from the circle, so with a step to one side and at this moment, one of them bit me. It bit me hard, I cried for help but no one came close. It was sad. There were people around, but they were probably scared. I managed to get on a bench and shout, the dogs ran away and I saw a man I asked for: please call 112 and call for help ", said Alina Stoianov, actress.

Alina Stoianov started an online petition asking the authorities to solve the problem of stray dogs in the city. At the same time, even if they have not gone through similar experiences, the people I spoke to say that they are terrified, because stray dogs are a danger.

"They should be sterilized and sheltered, but the state has no money at least to sterilize and monitor them"; "All dogs should be sheltered. They are aggressive because they are cold and hungry ”; "It's a common thing here, both on the part of the authorities and on the part of the people to speak",  people say.

The municipal authorities intend to expand the capacity of the center for the accommodation of stray animals in Chisinau.

"The projects for 2021 are to be presented in 7-10 days. Sterilization, adoption programs and so on. We want this approach to be a human one ", said Ion Ceban, mayor of Chisinau.

About 150 stray dogs are sterilized every month.

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