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12 June 2019 / 20:21

More than 600 graduates of USMF "Nicolae Testemitanu" took the oath

Emotions, smiles and tears - that's what over 600 graduates of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu", who took the oath of Hippocrates, lived today, reports Moldova 1.

"It is a day full of emotions, I feel very proud of myself and the successes I have reached, it is the culmination of six years of study." "The most beautiful moment in six years, we were expecting that day." "We have worked for six years, emotions, hard enough, quite difficult, with many tears, with lots of joy, but we have come to a very successful end," the graduates said.

The graduates were accompanied by friends and parents, who have always been with them during their years of study.

Teachers urged the doctors to do their job honestly and with dignity.

"Along with the professional skills, compassion, with a speech in front of all those who suffer, they graduated a professional school of an attitude, of a man who is compassionate," said Gheorghe Placinta, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

"The University's programs are linked to the requirements of the European Union, to the highest standards of the International Health Organization, recently the university has passed a very important stage of international accreditation, and the results are soon awaited," said Olga Cerneţchi, prorector.

This year, 900 students are graduated from the "Nicolae Testemitanu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, 300 of them are from other countries.

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