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09 June 2013 | 18:17
Moldova Pavilion "Expo Milano 2015" will have shape of an apple
Moldova’s Pavilion at the World Expo 2015 exhibition in Milan will have the shape of a green peeled apple. Symbolic fruit will highlight the ecological products, while visitors will have the opportunity to discover the taste of Moldovan fruits, claim contest winners. Some 30 projects entered the competition.
A group of architects worked for two months on the layout of the "peeled apple." Eugeniu Prodan, 1st place winner, said Moldova, being an agrarian country, needs to promote its fruits and vegetables on the external market, adding that the project is a good a step forward in this advertising campaign.

Top three winners received cash prizes worth MDL 48,000,  MDL 24,000 and respectively MDL 16,000.

In the competition first stage, 35 projects have been registered, of which 12 were selected. Subsequently, a jury representing the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, Ministry of Economy and Chisinau City Hall picked the winning design.

"It was more a contest of ideas than projects. We wanted to see if participants would prevent stereotypes. Even if ideas of others have been awarded, all projects were beyond expectations and we consider them innovative enough, "said Arcadia Andronicus, director of the International Exhibition Center" Moldexpo" in Chisinau.

Moldova will participate in 2015 along with other 175 countries at the World Expo in Milan. About 30 million visitors are expected. World exhibitions are held every five years and lasts for six months.
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Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro will host the grand final of the World Cup. After a great match with Brazil, Germany became a national favorite to win the title and will duel with the representative of Argentina, on Sunday, at 22:50.
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In the match for the third place, Brazil will meet on Saturday, on the Estadio Nacional, in Brasilia, the Dutch team. Keep up with sport king and watch TV “Moldova 1”, starting at 10:50 p.m..
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