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10 June 2013 | 18:26
Moldovans from USA and Canada donate books to a library from Chisinau
Two young talented women, who set their living abroad, support a noble action initiated by other co citizens from USA and Canada. The piano player Olga Kleiankina performed a piano recital and the paintress Valeria Duca displayed her works at the Organ Hall. This charity action is aimed to support the opening of an academic reading room to be inaugurated in July current year at the library „Bogdan Petriceicu Haşdeu” from the capital.
This project belongs to an association of moldovans which set their living in USA and Canada and is led by Elena Dragalin.

The members of the diaspora got together over 2300 books to be sent to Chisinau for municipal library. The money collected from piano concert of Olga  Kleiankina  and from the paintress Valeria Duca is to cover the expenditures of books transportation from USA.

More details on this issue you will find out at  Mesager.
Moldova 1
TV Moldova 1 launches today, April 8, 2014, a new campaign to inform citizens about the opportunities that will arise with the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union.
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