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20 April 2013 | 13:45
Moldovan soldiers for the first time at “Saber Guardian 2013”
A group of soldiers of the National Army will participate for the first time in multinational exercises command and staff Saber Guardian - 2013. It runs until April 25 at the Combat Training Centre Land Forces Cincu, Romania.

In the exercise, soldiers will plan, direct and execute peace support operations specific to the current operating environment. They also will practice and refine tactics, techniques and procedures for staff in joint land operations focused on stability operations.

According to the section head of the Land Force Command Training, Ianoş Muset, the goals of the applications are to increase interoperability within NATO, strengthening regional and bilateral strategic partnership, expanding and strengthening regional security cooperation.

The military land forces of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, United States and Moldova are participating at "Saber Guardian - 2013".

Moldova 1
Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro will host the grand final of the World Cup. After a great match with Brazil, Germany became a national favorite to win the title and will duel with the representative of Argentina, on Sunday, at 22:50.
Moldova 1
In the match for the third place, Brazil will meet on Saturday, on the Estadio Nacional, in Brasilia, the Dutch team. Keep up with sport king and watch TV “Moldova 1”, starting at 10:50 p.m..
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