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05 Dec. 2019 / 13:14

Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice Oleg Sternioală, resigns

The judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, Oleg Sternioală resigned. Contacted by the reporter of Radio Moldova, the Minister of Justice, Fadei Nagacevschi confirmed that Sternioală filed his request for resignation yesterday.

Sternioală was arrested for two days, and then released. A month ago, the magistrates of the Chisinau District Court, based in Ciocana, analyzed the interim general prosecutor's request regarding the extension of Oleg Sternioală's arrest.

Though prosecutors asked for Sternioală's arrest to be extended for thirty days, the judges rejected the request. The magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice is suspected of money laundering and illicit enrichment. The journalistic investigations regarding the assets of the magistrate, served as the basis for starting the criminal prosecution.

The judge, together with his family members, received incomes of about 7 million lei and bought luxury goods of about 13.8 million lei.

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