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25 Jan. 2021 / 19:53

In the craft sector of the Central Market in the capital, a multi-storey car park will be arranged

In the craft sector of the Central Market in Chisinau, a multi-storey car park will be arranged. According to the municipal authorities, the draft project is ready and will be presented for coordination to the Municipal Council. On the first floor, the commercial spaces for those who sell today in this sector will be maintained, and the next floors will be intended for multi-storey car parking. At the same time, in the area of the Central Square, it is expected that public parking lots will be arranged on the ground, reports Moldova 1.

"It was concluded to arrange storage spaces in the basement of the craft sector, the first floor to be intended for traders who currently carry out trade, floors 2, 3, 4 and 5 to be used for parking cars. I believe that by the end of 2022 we can have a multi-storey car park with the arrangement of trade places and storage spaces," mentioned Ion Pîntea, interim director of Piaţa Centrală.

According to the authorities, the first stage of modernization of the central market provides for the rehabilitation of the vegetable sector to be rebuilt by the end of the year.

"Chisinau-project promises, by mid-February, to complete the execution project. As soon as we have it, we can start the modernization works of this sector," said Inga Ionesii, deputy mayor.

The approximate cost of the works destined for the construction of the 360 multi-storey parking spaces would be 60 million lei, and the price of arranging 130 parking spaces on the ground is to be established following the design.

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