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19 July 2019 / 11:39

Raids performed this morning at the Post Office and the Customs Service

The lawmakers have raided on Friday morning, 19 July, at the premises of Post Office (Posta Moldovei) and Customs Service, in a criminal case initiated on smuggling schemes with different products and commodities, including anabolic, amber, tobacco products and alcohol.

The law makers are raiding the premises of Posta Moldovei and the Customs Service in a criminal case on smuggling schemes with different products. The searches take place with the purpose of issuing confirmatory documents and papers accompanying parcels and goods that were sent by smuggling schemes abroad ", said prosecutor Maria Vieru for Radio Moldova.

We remind that the criminal case was initiated by the prosecutors on 27 June 2019, on the basis of the statements made by ex – head of  State Enterprise “Moldatsa” in a TV programme.

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