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13 Aug. 2020 / 17:10

COVID-19 in Moldova: Other 390 new cases confirmed

In the last 24 hours, 2215 tests were processed in Moldova, being confirmed 390 new cases of COVID-19 virus infection. Of the total number of cases, two are imported from Romania and Turkey. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection (MSMPS), the balance of people infected with the new Coronavirus reached 29,087 cases.

Of the total number of cases recorded on this day, 22 are health care workers - ten doctors, 11 nurses and one auxiliary staff.

According to MSMPS, 468 people are hospitalized in serious health condition, of which 25 are connected to assisted breathing.

Another 278 people were treated and discharged. To date, 20,276 people were healed.

At the same time, 879 people diagnosed with COVID-19 infection died.

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