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14 Aug. 2020 / 09:04

About six thousand people have entered Moldova in the last 24 hours

About six thousand people have entered the Republic of Moldova in the last 24 hours, the Border Police announces. Of these, 3,316 people crossed the Moldovan-Romanian border, 1,307 the Ukrainian border, and 1,301 crossed it by air. According to the quoted source, in the last 24 hours, in total, in the border crossing points, the flow of people constituted 13,187 crossings.

The busiest border crossing points at the entrance to the Republic of Moldova remain Leuseni, which registered 1,633 passenger crossings, followed by Chisinau Airport - 1,301 passenger crossings and Giurgiulesti-Galati with 989 passenger crossings.

According to the Border Police, 13,187 people were screened at the border crossing points open to traffic and 5,924 individual epidemiological files were completed. At the border, no person showed symptoms of COVID-19 infection: cough, fever or rhinorrhea.

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