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01 Dec. 2020 / 20:22

Animals from the Chisinau Zoo, ready for winter

The Chisinau Zoo is preparing for winter. Visitors can come even in colder weather, but will not be able to see all the animals, especially those that are more sensitive to cold. Thus, some species of monkeys, which have already taken refuge in warm rooms, can be seen less often. At the same time, the two bears from the Zoo are ready for hibernation. All animals are prepared for winter and are monitored by housekeeping staff, reports Moldova 1.

Eleven warm rooms have been prepared for the animals at the Chisinau Zoo. They are equipped with special heating systems, which do not exceed a temperature of 30 degrees, with infrared bulbs, but also a sawdust or hay bedding.

"We are preparing in advance for this time of year. And for food were purchased in advance all the necessary products, which are stored. As for feeding the animals in the winter, they have been equipped with special heating systems, infrared light bulbs are installed, which emit heat, and sawdust is on the floor," says the head of the Strategic Planning Department, Olga Iuzvac.

In winter, in most animals, food consumption decreases by 10%, and to withstand low temperatures requires a diet richer in vitamins.

"Winter rooms are heated, we put a lot of emphasis on ventilation. We provide ventilation, access to hot air, heating by stationary means such as infrared bulbs. For the animals that still stay outside, that do not winter in heated rooms, we supplement the food ration," says Roman Creţu, scientific secretary.

At the Chisinau Zoo, there are over a thousand animals of different species, from all continents, even from Antarctica. Thus, visitors have the opportunity to see animals such as: lynx, llama, guanaco, lion, tiger, bear, monkey and birds, such as: the golden pheasant, the polar owl, the eagle and many others.

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