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17 Feb. 2019 / 14:11

Adriana Banari, the artist who combines several elements to create paintings inspired by dreams

She combines several elements to create paintings inspired by dreams. We are talking about Adriana Banari, the Moldovan who is dedicated to the creations of the cuts, to express her emotions. The works of the artist are like poems, they have to be decoded, because they have many symbols, she says. Thus, the modern art process is fully represented, and its target audience is mostly beautiful lovers from abroad, Moldova 1 reports.

Adriana Banari's collages hide a special history and every work can be read as a poetry. The love of these multifaceted paintings has since childhood, but four years ago she materialized her dreams.

"I was in university and I was going through some sadness, I felt dispersed and somehow to put myself back and rebuild, I found the cuts. The nature inspires me first, dreams inspire me a lot," said artist Adriana Banari.

To create paintings taken from reality, she buys books and magazines to cut off some elements.

"I have been collecting cuts for a very long time, collecting books, constantly cutting. I go to libraries or various stores where I see books or see someone on the street selling a magazine," Adriana Banari said.

One of the first collages made by the young artist is "Urletul de Foc".

Adriana will soon open an exhibition in Chisinau. However, she says she wants to stand up for the border, where this art process is valued to the right value.

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