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19 Apr. 2019 / 20:06

Charity act in support of visually impaired people

Several generous people want to help people with visual impairment. Donations reached the visually impaired people within a recital and a charity concert. The " Doar n-om fi şi noi orbi" campaign is organized on the eve of Easter, Mesager reports.

Soloist Gheorghe Staver is also president of the Moldova Blind Sports Federation.

"To bring joy to those who surround me is a pleasure. It also encourages me when the world is satisfied and I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to bring them kindness", says Gheorghe Staver.

The concert gathered everyone in the festive hall of an enterprise where 34 blind or visually impaired  people work.

"It is a very important and welcoming gesture for the people before Easter, for the visually impaired, and we are glad that there are people who still remember the needy before the holidays," said Alexei Romanenco, head of the enterprise.

Poet Ecaterina Negara is among the initiators of the charity campaign.

Those wishing to help the visually impaired can  call the Moldova Blind Sports Federation at: 069321267 and 078895158.

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