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29 Nov. 2020 / 09:49

Introduction of the national currency of Moldova, 27 years ago

Today we mark the 27th anniversary of the introduction of the national currency of Moldova. Starting with November 29, 1993, the Soviet rubles and coupons issued by the BNM were exchanged in lei, and starting with December 2, 1993 at 18.00, the leu is considered as the only legal means of payment on the territory of Moldova, Radio Moldova reports.

The President of the Parliament Zinaida Greceanii came with a message that points that it was a decisive moment for the economic independence of the state.

"Those who formed the basis of this historic event deserve all our gratitude and appreciation. Together with the state of the Republic of Moldova, and the national currency as an attribute of the state has undergone transformations, it has gone through various crises, including the "great financial crisis" of 2008. And yet the Moldovan Leu has withstood. In my opinion, this is largely due to the prudent monetary policy, promoted by the state, focused on maintaining the stability and credibility of the national currency ", reads  Zinaida Greceanii's message.

At the same time, the Head of the Legislative wished the National Bank of Moldova success in the most important mission - maintaining the low inflation rate and price stability ", reads the message of the President of the Parliament, Zinaida Greceanii.

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