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01 Mar. 2021 / 20:00

A high school in Drochia has its own radio station

They are taught to step into the world of professions from an early age. The “Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu” Theoretical High School, from the town of Drochia, has its own radio station, “Tinerii Hasdeieni”, thanks to a grant offered by the Soros Foundation-Moldova. It is the only one in the northern part of the country and was created as part of a project involving members of the High School Students' Council. According to the administration of the institution, the radio station is an opportunity to socialize during this difficult period. The young high school students compete in captivating shows, which are broadcast during the breaks between classes, informs Moldova 1.

Local news, information about the students' activity or interactive shows, all come to complete the broadcast schedule of the "Tinerii Hasdeieni" radio station. Thus, high school students will be better informed about the activity and decisions of the Student Council and the administration, but will also be more involved in various extracurricular activities and will contribute to the improvement of educational and cultural policies in the institution. However, the students of the institution are the most excited about the launch of the radio.

"It is a great opportunity to create a favorable atmosphere for high school classmates, to find out new jobs, to find your vocation and to make our high school a little more interesting";
"Here, we have the opportunity to discover our talents, occupations, we can request songs, congratulate and place ads for students and teachers. This project united us even more”;
"First of all, before each show, I try to consult with my classmates, with the members of the Student Council and see what they like and what they would like to hear echoing in the hallways of the high school," say the students.

The value of the grant offered by the Soros Foundation-Moldova for the creation of the radio station is two thousand US dollars.
"We were chosen from six high schools, institutions that worked together for a year. The students were involved in different training activities, in different training seminars, self-training, in which they learned some very good things for them," mentions the coordinator of the Students' Council, Tatiana Gîscă.
"This radio station will help us ensure transparency in what we, the teachers, the school administration and the students do. We have the opportunity to find out from the first source about everything that happens in our institution. This project taught and initiated the students in their participation in decision making and made them more responsible," said the director of the high school, Iurie Melinte.

The grant offered by the Soros Foundation Moldova was obtained by students in the project "Empowering students to get involved in the decision-making process".

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