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12 May 2019 / 15:23

Women from Anenii Noi district, trained on gender equality

Several women from different localities of Anenii Noi district, representing under-represented groups, participated in a training workshop on gender equality so that they know their rights and know how to claim them, reports Radio Moldova.

The workshop is part of the 50/50 trainings organized by the 50/50 Women's Political Club, in partnership with the Gender-Centru Public Association, within the project "Balanced Participation in Decision-Making", financed by the Swedish Government and UN Woman.

The workshop beneficiaries have not been chosen at all by chance, and they will disseminate information amongst the groups they have represented.

"The aim was to raise issues related to the gender dimension, the vulnerability of these underprivileged women groups, the problems that may arise at meetings with candidates in local elections. We have deficient women, solitary mothers, mothers with many children, retirees and Roma women," said Maia Zlotea, 50/50 Women's Political Club Leader, Anenii Noi Branch.

Participants in the training workshop have assured that they will share with other women and men the accumulated knowledge.

The 50/50 Women's Political Club will continue the range of information and training activities for women candidates and voters, the project being implemented in 15 districts of the country.

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