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10 Feb. 2019 / 17:52

EU aid for Palanca

The health center, gymnasium and the Community Center in Palanca (Stefan Voda) benefited from sets of equipment, furniture and IT equipment from the European Union (EU). The goods were procured during the implementation of the construction project of the modern Palanca crossing point and later donated to the local institutions. Local authorities also received a new car to be used in case of emergency travel, for the needs of the people, Moldova 1 reports.

Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova, Peter Michalko, personally came to a documentary visit to Palanca to see where and how furniture and IT technology was distributed.

"The furniture was assigned to primary classes because it really was needed. We received a xerox machine, which helps us make copies. We need to multiply the teachers, but especially the pupils," said Viorica Voloh, deputy director of the Palanca gymnasium.

Peter Michalko also visited the Community Center in the locality, opened nine years ago and now attended by over 50 children from needy families.

"We continue to offer our support for better living conditions for Moldovan people. It is very important that we can provide this support for the conditions in which children learn in which teachers work because this is the key phase in the formation of the younger generation, who should feel good where they live, where they were born and where they should see the future for their lives," said Peter Michalko.

In Palanca, there are currently almost two thousand people.

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