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23 Apr. 2019 / 09:00

Radio Moldova invites you to good deeds on Easter

Radio Moldova invites people to do good deeds and to help needy people. The department of Debates, Documentation, Co-production and Investigation started the campaign “Fii bun, daruieste binele” that aims to help needy families.

Head of the Department of Debate, Documentation, Coproduction and Investigation, Vasile Mija, says that it has already become a tradition for the editorial staff to organize such events on the eve of Easter holidays. He says that by such events, we can contribute with food, clothes and financial resources.

This year, the staff of the Department wants to help the family Hanganu in Calimanesti village, district Nisporeni.

Grigore Hanganu  takes care of 4 children- Victoriţa, Valentina, Gabriel and Ana-Maria. After a severe illness, the mother of children, aged 29 died. After this tragedy, the father of the children had to take care of children . Also, he has to take care of children’s grandfather and his brother who is invalid.

The house where they live, needs capital repairs, and building materials and household appliances are too expensive for them.

"Needs unite us, and on Easter's eve such cases make us even more aware. We try to help everyone, we get support from the radio listeners who call us and contribute with donations", says journalist Zina Izbas.

People who want to help Hanganu family can call at 022-406-855 or make donations:



BC Moldova-Agroindbank SA

Number of account MDL 22523561202

Codul IBAN MD33AG000000022523561202



BC Moldova-Agroindbank SA

Number of the account  USD 22523645304

 IBAN MD49AG000000022523645304


EU - Beneficiary – HANGANU GRIGORE

BC Moldova-Agroindbank SA

Number of the account  EU 22523645327

IBAN Code MD10AG000000022523645327




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