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07 Aug. 2020 / 19:02

Exchange of remarks between deputies Vasile Bolea and Petru Frunze, after the notification submitted to ANI and PG

After on Wednesday, the socialist Vasile Bolea filed a complaint with the National Integrity Authority (ANI) and the General Prosecutor's Office (PG) regarding the inconsistencies that would have been admitted in the wealth declarations of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) deputy, Petru Frunze, the latter in turn filed a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office on behalf of Vasile Bolea accusing him of being subjected to political pressure. On the other hand, Vasile Bolea says that Petru Frunze would resort to desperate actions to hide his violations, reports Moldova 1.

In a post on a social network, Petru Frunze says that he asked the general prosecutor to investigate the actions of the deputy Vasile Bolea, who, according to him, would put pressure on the employees of the National Integrity Authority, invoking slanderous information.

"Mr. Bolea believes that all the lies he invented must be taken into account. He believes that if he is in power today, he can do whatever he wants with the deputies from the opposition," Petru Frunze wrote on Facebook.

Vasile Bolea's reply was not long in coming. The deputy recommends to Petru Frunze "to prepare answers for the National Integrity Agency, the Fiscal Service and prosecutors regarding the declaration of assets and interests". "Addressing him to the General Prosecutor's Office is a desperate action to try to create a smokescreen, under which to hide all his violations," Vasile Bolea wrote on Facebook.

Two days ago, Vasile Bolea announced that he asked the ANI and the General Prosecutor's Office to examine the wealth declarations of the PAS deputy Petru Frunze. According to Vasile Bolea, after Petru Frunze became a deputy, his declaration of wealth became more "poor". The socialist claims that his wife's income, in 2019, decreased significantly by over 100,000 lei. On the other hand, the PAS parliamentarian denies the accusations and says that the information indicated in his wealth declarations is truthful and has nothing to hide.

This is not the Socialists' first such request. Earlier, deputies Grigore Novac, Alla Darovannaia and Vladimir Odnostalco notified the authorities about the discrepancies that would have been admitted in the wealth declarations of PAS deputies Veronica Roşca, Doina Gherman and Mihai Popşoi. They reject the accusations and describe them as slander.

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