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01 June 2020 / 16:06

Draft NGO law, divided opinions

Exchange of remarks between the prime minister and the opposition on the subject of NGO law. This is after Ion Chicu stated that those who promote the project in the current version would, in fact, want to liquidate the Republic of Moldova as a state. In reply, the opposition representatives claim that, as the adoption of the law is one of the conditionalities of the European Union for the disbursement of the €30 million from the macro financial assistance, the country could be left without this money in full crisis, reports Moldova 1.

According to the prime minister, by adopting the law in the current wording, there is a risk that some political parties will be financed from outside, through NGOs.

"The animonities, the agitation of those who are financed from the outside through NGOs, which supposedly help the development of the country, but in fact have the same goal, to destroy this country. We are not against the new law on NGOs. It is a necessary law, but the wording voted in 2018 is not acceptable, because in fact the Republic of Moldova through these NGOs will largely lose its independence," said Ion Chicu.

PAS deputy Sergiu Litvinenco was puzzled by the statements regarding the need to make some changes, stating that the report was voted unanimously by the members of the Legal Commission. According to Litvinenco, the only amendment came from Vasile Bolea and aimed at the entry into force of the law, from January 1, 2021. The parliamentarian also says that no other amendment that would be able to remove the rules that are "against national interests" , has not been submitted.

"The only amendment was from Vasile Bolea and aimed at the entry into force. He proposed that the law enter into force on January 1, 2021. So much. No other amendment that would be able to remove the rules that, as they say they are "against national interests," has not been submitted. And the project, among other things, already has a final report from the basic commission", said Sergiu Litvinenco.

Contacted by Moldova 1, the chairman of the Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs, Appointments and Immunities, Vasile Bolea, mentioned that, although the report on the project received the commission's approval, the document is to be discussed in the second reading in Parliament. Before that, however, PSRM will convene the meeting of the faction, after which it will formulate a final position.

"The PSRM faction will meet in a meeting and we will discuss the position on this law, 109. So far, we have not met. As the president of the faction decides to convene, then we will convene. For the time being, we are in a hurry, the deputies are going to give the second test," mentioned Vasile Bolea.

Earlier, the head of state said he would not enact the law in the current wording, as there would be a risk of foreign interference in Moldovan politics. At the same time, the country's president mentioned that if PDM votes the law as it is, then this would mean a violation of the provisions of the coalition agreement.

Democrats did not answer the phone to tell us how they are going to proceed. However, PDM leader Pavel Filip told a private television station that his faction would vote for the law, except that the article on the possibility of providing material assistance from NGOs to political parties raises some suspicions. On the other hand, the vice-president of the DA Platform Alexandru Slusari sees no risk if the project will be voted in the form it is.

"It is very difficult to comment on nonsense, but Mr. Chicu is increasingly inducing nonsense. I do not know if we can at least assume that a rule in the law on commercial organizations, which provides that NGOs can provide free assistance to parties, destroys the state of the Republic of Moldova. This state was destroyed by corruption, robbery, by the robbery of billions, by the irresponsibility of state dignitaries,” mentioned Alexandru Slusari.

After being accused by PAS representatives that, by not adopting the Law on NGOs, the government would kick in €30 million from the European Union, Prime Minister Chicu announces the revival of revenues in the state budget, which, according to him, would ensure social payments. However, the official claims that this is too little to deal with the consequences of the pandemic.

"We are ready to move forward, to sign that memorandum of understanding in the hope that the EU will allocate this 100 million loan. Respectively, we will not give up our efforts to identify additional sources of financing the state deficit and in the extreme conditions that the Republic of Moldova is going through, this is the only way for the state to honor its obligations to the people," said Ion Chicu.

The adoption of the NGO Law is one of the conditionalities of the European Union for the disbursement of the macro-financial assistance of €30 million.

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