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17 March 2014 | 12:28
Poll: Four parties would enter Moldovan Parliament
If on the coming Sunday parliamentary elections were to take place, four parties would enter the Moldovan Parliament. At least that shows data of the survey conducted by the Moldova’s Association of Sociologists.
Of the total respondents, 30.1% would vote for the Communist Party (PCRM), while for the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) - 17.5%. The Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) would get 7.9% of the vote, while the Liberal Party (PL) - 6.3%. According to the survey, 19.4% of respondents are undecided on the vote. The poll’s data show that if parliamentary elections were to take place next Sunday, 38.9% of the electorate would surely go to exercise its voting rights, while 8.7% would certainly stay home.

According to the survey, population has the highest confidence in the PCRM’s leader Vladimir Voronin - 24.9%, followed by Prime Minister Iurie Leanca (PDM) - 14.9%. Some 10.1% of respondents trust LDP’s leader Vlad Filat, while 8.1% - Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca (PL). Head of State Timofti, enjoys 2.4% of the confidence of the surveyed population. However, the poll shows that 32% of respondents do not trust any politician.

Of all the political parties, population has the highest trust, according to the poll, in the PCRM - 41%, followed by the LDP - 17.5%.

Church remains the institution with the highest population’s trust - 67%. Media comes next - 51%, while local municipalities - 47%.

The survey was conducted on a sample of 1,193 respondents from 77 localities. The margin of error is + / - 3%.
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