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02 August 2013 | 14:04
Liberal reformers chose the name of future party
Liberal Reforming Party from Moldova- this is the name liberal reformers chose for future party. This decision was taken on August 1, in the first seating of the Council of Liberal Reforming Party from Moldova set up.
According to a press communique of the Council, the agenda included organizational and legal issues concerning the initiation of the campaign to collect signatures from members of the future party and from its supporters for registering it at the Ministry of Justice.

 As well, they adopted the ideological principles for promoting the future party. Among them is the idea that led to the April 12 political separation – of reforming and democratizing the party.

 There were also set up the teams  and their coordinators, that will work on the statutes and program of the future party.  

 After debated, they agreed on the name of Liberal Reforming Party from Moldova because it already asserted itself at public level. The Liberal reformers are determined to give Moldova the chance to achieve all the national political, social and economic desiderata and the options stipulated in the Declaration of Independence of August 27, 1991. 
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