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17 Feb. 2019 / 11:00

Learn the story of the woman who has defeated her destiny, at the show "Heroes Among People"

The memories of our heroes are moments lived under the sign of sacrifice. Older or newer, their actions fascinate us and motivate us to be better, stronger. On February 17, we invite you to watch a new edition of "Heroes Among People" in front of the small screens. Today's show's hero is Tatiana Bezerdic, the marquis's ambassador and the master of her own destiny.

At just 14 years of age, after a poison, a foot turned red. Then she went to the hospital for the first time. The doctors shrugged, without making a clear diagnosis. Just over six years, when the foot was inflamed, doctors put the verdict-lymphatic filariasis. "Elephant foot" illness - a very rare disease, which is usually encountered in tropical countries and has become the toughest test for the whole family.

Together with Leanca Lasco, the show's developer, we will learn the history of Tatiana, the woman who has lost not only her foot but also the freedom to do what she likes. About the challenges she has been facing and the way she has overcome them, find out on Sunday, February 17, on Moldova 1.

Every Sunday afternoon, at 19:40 watch the heroes of our day, along with Leanca Lasco.

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