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26 Jan. 2021 / 14:05

The Prime Minister of Italy has announced his resignation

In search of a new majority, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced his resignation, writes

The Conte cabinet was thrown into crisis this month after one of its coalition partners, the Viva Italia party led by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, withdrew from the government in a dispute over the management of the Coronavirus crisis.

Although Giuseppe Conte survived a vote of confidence in Parliament last week, he failed to secure an absolute majority in the Senate, meaning he will have difficulty implementing any political agenda if he is unable to attract new supporters.

Tensions between government formations have been simmering for weeks, amid disagreements over how to allocate some 210 billion euros from the EU's post-pandemic reconstruction fund.

In mid-January, an Ipsos poll showed that almost half of Italian citizens do not understand the reasons for this political crisis.

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