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01 Mar. 2020 / 12:23

Natalia Gordienko: We hope to enter the Eurovision Final in Rotterdam

The interpreter Natalia Gordienko will represent our country in the international competition "Eurovision Song Contest - 2020", which will be held in May in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Prison piece has garnered the most votes from the jury, but also from the public. The winner of the national stage will participate in the second semifinal of the music competition, which will take place on May 14, Moldova 1 reports.

"I felt extraordinary, I had very, very high emotions. The song is very difficult because it is slow, with high notes. In addition, it is a big responsibility, because this project is also prepared by Filip Bedrosovici Kirkorov. It is a very, very big plus that we have an international team, we hope to win, to enter the Eurovision Final in Rotterdam,” said Natalia Gordienko.

The contest started with a colorful disco show presented by Theodor Dance. The participants prepared an exceptional show.

"It was great on stage, I liked it very, if honestly, before I went on stage I had great emotions. I have the honor to compete with very important artists from the Republic of Moldova, known artists,” mentioned Denis Midone.

"I'm glad I'm here and I managed to have a good performance with my team, a maximum disposition on stage, I felt great and once a year is Eurovision, so we have to live it to the full," said Viorela Moraru.

"It was incendiary as was my song. All the phones were on us, everybody was filming, I don’t know how it went very quickly, usually I had the impression that the song lasts ten minutes,” said Diana Rotaru.

"It was great, it was extraordinary, it was incendiary, and we had a wonderful time. The song is about Moldova, we describe all the beautiful places, our traditions for the world to come to Moldova," said Valentin Uzun

"We somehow managed to live this beautiful moment. The song is about love, everyone is likely to see something other than us,” mentioned Pasha Parfeni.

Each participant had three minutes to interpret the song entered in the contest.

"We had a colorful evening, an evening full of talents, a magical evening and this is due to the participants in this contest, who put in a lot of effort, a lot of work, for us viewers, to have an exceptional show. The organizers provided them with a beautiful scene, a good sound and a customized image,” said Ecaterina Stratan, director of Moldova 1.

The artist's performances were appreciated by a specialized jury.

"As a performer I pay more attention to the vocal qualities, but of course it is necessary for such an event a show and a piece, but also the presence on stage, all are important, because it is a very high level competition," said Igor Rusu, member of the jury.

Last year, the Republic of Moldova was represented in Israel by the performer Anna Odobescu, with the song STAY, but did not qualify in the final. The best result was obtained by our country at "Eurovision" in 2017, when the band "SunStroke Project" ranked third.

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