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12 May 2020 / 15:55

Eurovision 2020 changes its format and goes online: The first concert online

Tonight, the songs that were to be performed on the Rotterdam stage in the first semifinal will be broadcast online through a special program. The 2020 edition will be broadcast live on YouTube. titled "Eurovision Song Celebration 2020", the show will bring to the public all 41 songs qualified for the contest. Our country is represented by Natalia Gordienco, who recorded the song and sent it to the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest, informs Moldova 1 TV.

Tonight's show will start at 22.00 on the Youtube page: Eurovision Song Contest. The recaps of the songs will be made from collages with fans who perform their favorite songs. The second show will take place on May 14, and will have as guests YouTube content creators from Europe, who will react to videos, will interview artists and will offer the public many other surprises.

"We were announced by the general organizers that such a festival will be held, not a contest. They asked us to record the songs we had to play at the contest, from home. And I recorded a piano version like that. We also made a video with our opinion about the situation that is happening now in the world, beautiful words and we made a song that will be sung by all Eurovision participants in English, we recorded this song",  said Natalia Gordienco

A retrospective of Eurovision editions from previous years, as well as the national final stage 2020 will be  broadcast on May 12, 13 and 14 on Moldova 1 TV.

"The 2017, 2018, 2019 editions will be broadcast online, and  the 2020 national final will be broadcast on Friday. A 2-hour special show will be aired on Saturday. This program does not contain contest items. Saturday's show will be organized with all Eurovision participants who were to compete this year, the 41 international participants" said Vitalie Cojocaru, the organizer of the national stage.

Canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic, the 65th edition of Eurovision was to take place in Rotterdam. The semifinals were scheduled for May 12 and 14, and the Grand Final on May 16.

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