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20 Oct. 2020 / 20:00

Web page for the presidential election launched

The Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT has launched a website for this fall's presidential election. It contains a series of sections, where you can find information about candidates, their income and expenses, data on polls, election monitoring, but also notifications. At the same time, on the page are published information about the previous elections, there are data about the voter’s turnout, candidates and results. Another special rubric is dedicated to the process of voting abroad. There are details about the polling stations open abroad, the country, the city, the addresses, as well as the number of voters who have registered in advance, Mesager reports.

"It is, in fact, Moldova's electoral encyclopedia , which has several rubrics: elections, parties, people. We refer to the political class and the authorities. Analytical information is in progress. These are electoral programs, their analysis in terms of compliance ", said the executive director of ADEPT, Igor Botan.

We remind you that the presidential elections will take place on November 1, and eight candidates were registered in the race.

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