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News / Elections 2019

06 Mar. 2019 / 15:24

The Constitutional Court has delivered on the votes’ recount in the uninominal constituency of Râşcani

The Constitutional Court of Moldova (CCM) rejected the request of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) candidate for parliamentary elections, Iurie Urzică, regarding the recount of the votes in the uninominal constituency of Râşcani, on the grounds that insufficient evidence was submitted.

The judgment of the Court is final and can not be the subject of any appeal.

Iurie Urzica appealed to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) asking for the recount of votes and cancellation of the minutes due to the fact that PDM observers reported intentional damage of the ballot papers.

He also requested viewing videos to verify the correctness of the counting process.

The CEC's reply states that a decision may be taken by the CCM on the recount of votes. PDM candidate lost to socialist representative Vladimir Mizdrenco, with a difference of 170 votes.

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