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10 Aug. 2020 / 09:25

The Republic of Moldova will request an emergency loan from the World Bank

The Republic of Moldova will request an emergency loan from the World Bank, money that will be used to help farmers overcome the crisis they are facing. An announcement in this regard was made by the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, during a briefing. According to the head of state, negotiations will begin this week.

"We have an unprecedented drought and farmers are facing the biggest problem in recent years since independence. We must do everything possible to save farmers. If we don't do it now, in the coming months, many of them will not survive until the end of the year," said the head of state.

According to Igor Dodon, negotiations for the emergency loan that the Republic of Moldova will request from the World Bank will begin in the coming days.

"There are such mechanisms and in the coming days the colleagues from the Government will have the first contacts with the representatives of the World Bank. This is an emergency loan for farmers. We must understand that the budgetary resources are reduced, but we will find opportunities to help the farmers," the head of state also declared.

At the same time, Igor Dodon stated that during his visit to Moscow he asked for support for farmers, being about 40-50 tons of diesel. Farmers have previously protested, dissatisfied with the fact that the authorities have not taken supportive action in the face of drought and pandemic crisis. Opposition parties have also protested against the state's agricultural policies. On Friday, the deputy of the DA Platform Alexandr Slusari declared that the faction he represents will start this week collecting one third of the votes, necessary for convening the Parliament in an extraordinary session, at which the situation in agriculture would be examined.

TRM.MD recalls that, recently, the Government approved the Regulation on granting compensation to farmers who have suffered as a result of the drought. Thus, the aid will be granted for cereals from the first group, affected by drought, to the extent of 60%, as well as for horticultural crops, affected by hail. The deadline for submitting the file is September 18.

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