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15 May 2019 / 16:59

Improving the transport of Russian gas to partners, discussed in Chisinau

The volume of Russian gas transported through Moldova to the Balkan countries was over 18 billion cubic meters. In order to improve the delivery system management, gas carriers have gathered in Chisinau. Officials have set the schedule for gas pipeline repairs, reports Moldova 1.

"This is a period at the end of June, another end-August period and a reserve period, respectively, if it fails to complete all of the works in September. These periods last for a maximum of six days. The main gas transport artery is usually repaired by transporting the maximum volume for Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria," said Moldova Gas Director Valentin Tonu.

"We work on a relationship of friendship and mutual respect. Because Turkey is the last country this gas pipeline to reach, such meetings are very important to us," Turkey's dispatcher director Murat Kocac said.

"We have a strategic goal to ensure the safe transport of natural gas to consumers. That's why it's very important to synchronize network repair work. This will minimize the amount of gas but also allow timely intervention in certain situations, so that the consumer does not feel any change in the delivery process," said Vladimir Khalatin, the representative of Russia's dispatch department.

For domestic consumption last year, Moldova imported three billion cubic meters of natural gas.

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