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25 Oct. 2020 / 14:12

Nadia Popescu - Moldovan woman who carries in her heart the profession of pedagogue, far from home

For 12 years, she guided students in the world of knowledge at educational institutions in the Republic of Moldova. She practiced the profession she had always dreamed of - she was a teacher of Romanian language and literature. However, in order to ensure a dignified and decent life for the two children, she decided to put her dreams aside and emigrate to Italy. Today we know Nadia Popescu, a strong Moldovan woman, who managed to face several difficulties in life for the sake of children, with dignity and courage. She is currently concentrating her efforts to achieve professionally in the host country and says she has a big dream. Who is she, found out Oxana Gherman Roşca, the producer of the show "Letters for Home", from Radio Moldova.

After more than ten years in which she worked as a teacher in the Republic of Moldova, Nadia Popescu decided to accept the challenges of destiny in another country - Italy. Although the road was not easy, Mrs. Nadia claims that she had people with a big heart, who offered her the necessary support for the reunion of the family. She devoted her time and effort to supporting her two daughters, who today are the pride of their mother.

"In 1990, I graduated from the Faculty of Philology of the State University of Chisinau, after which I was assigned to work in the school in my native village, which I graduated from Cenac village, Cimislia district. I worked there for ten years as a teacher of Romanian language and literature. It was the world I wanted to embrace from first grade. Model was my first teacher. After ten years of work, for personal reasons, I had to change my place of residence, in Straseni district, where I worked for another two years at the "Ion Vataman" High School. This change has been a radical one, because it is difficult to move from a secondary school to a high school program. The decision to leave everything and come to Italy was a difficult one. I was a single mother with two small children to raise. I chose Italy because my sister was here. The first helping hand was obviously given by her," Nadia Popescu remembers.

She arrived in Italy in 2002. After a year and a half of working as a caregiver, the longing for children was stronger than ever. She says that at that time she was very lucky to work for a family that insisted on bringing her two daughters there. Thus, the heart, tormented by the longing of the children, was healed, but several financial problems began.

"After I brought my children here, the material hardships began then, because even though the longing was over because I had both with me, the youngest was five years old, and the oldest - 12. Then the hardships began, but I faced them all with dignity. Many times, I was on the verge of giving up psychologically, but I was always lucky to have good people who helped me. Today, girls are already big, independent. I am now trying to put into practice the projects that I have not been able to accomplish all this time," says Nadia Popescu.

After years of working as a caregiver, she says she dreams of changing her field of activity. Italy, one of the countries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, is facing many problems, as is the Republic of Moldova. One of the most acute is related to the adjustment of the educational system, which also suffered. Or, in the current conditions, says Nadia Popescu, parents who have small children at school, but are forced to work, are in a precarious situation. Thanks to an association, it aims to help Moldovans in Italy during this complicated period.

"Now, in conditions of a health crisis, the school in Italy is facing many difficulties. It is common for parents to work and their children's education is quite low. Classes are practically halved. Many parents are in trouble. I started collaborating in an association. We want to gather the children of our fellow citizens who need to be supervised after school. We want to offer them a safe space, to help them do their homework, when their parents are still at work," says the Moldovan woman.

But, like each of us, Mrs. Nadia has a big dream - to build a house where she can gather her memories and feelings, a house where she can set up a library.

"My intention until two years ago was to return home. I even started to build my house in my native village, but I temporarily stopped the construction, because the socio-political situation there is so uncertain that I don't know if today I can be convinced to invest money there. I stopped because I still hope something will change. The dream of owning a home is one that has not been realized until today, but which I hope will be realized in the end. Those little things I have - pictures or albums of children, books I care about a lot, one day I would like to collect them in my personal library, but to be at home with me," mentions our compatriot.

She says that the longing for the Republic of Moldova has never disappeared and will never disappear. "It connects me to Moldova a lot. Even if we are ordinary people here, we manage to keep our intellectual capacity to be pedagogues and promoters of culture, of spirituality," concluded Nadia Popescu.

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