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03 May 2019 / 14:25

The warm home atmosphere, promoted by a project at Cioreşti

The authorities and associations of natives of Cioreşti and Ciuciuleni learn to capitalize on the picturesque traditions and places, including among the diaspora. Thus, they have proposed to promote the picturesque places in the area and have organized the workshop "We do pots and snacks". The event was broadcast on-line and could also be viewed by natives working abroad, reports Moldova 1.

Those who left the village, but also those present at the workshop, recalled the ancestral traditions of the Easter holidays.

At Cioreşti, the popular craftsman Zaharia Triboi, demonstrated how black ceramic pots were made, which were then taken to Ciuciuleni, where four generations of women prepared various recipes for sausages served on Moldovan meals on feasts.

"We have written a cross-border project, which passed the first stage, we are planning to build a ceramic school, where the main protagonist and master will be Zaharia Triboi and Adrian Triboi's son," said Valeriu Guţu, the mayor of Cioreşti.

The workshop is part of the "ONLINE HOME TRADITIONS" concept, initiated by the United Nations Development Program, with the financial support of the Government of Switzerland.

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