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22 Nov. 2020 / 18:30

Volume of songs on the lyrics of the poet Ion Vatamanu

Song and poetry at a pause of memories, a meeting of the soul on the occasion of the release of a long-awaited music album with the suggestive title "Your heart is looking for you". Songs on the poet's lyrics are included, poems recited by Ion Vatamanu and also here: a plaque with everything, the 20 poetic creations from the album. It is an achievement of OWH Studio, a project supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research. Those who gave a new life to Ion Vatamanu's poetry, composed and performed the songs are Oleg Cliuşin and Alic Mereuţă, members of the folk group "Aidoma", Moldova 1 reports.

A bird in flight, a symbol often found in Ion Vatamanu's creation, dominates the cover of the music album that brings together simple, true songs, as was the author of the lyrics.

The poems read by Ion Vatamanu are from the Golden Archive of Radio Moldova.

"OWH Studio, in addition to the films it makes, we like to do something in the field of music, namely this music album on the lyrics of Ion Vatamanu, which will surely last over time," says Virgiliu Mărgineanu, project producer.

"The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research has financially supported this project, we are trying to put those writings of Ion Vatamanu in a creative form, and through this CD," said Secretary of State Andrei Chistol.

The album was released at the Onisifor Ghibu Library in the capital. The indispensable medicinal masks in these times could not hide the joy and emotion of the spectators at the meeting with the great poetry of Ion Vatamanu.

The musical album "The heart is looking for you" is intended for all those who want to discover from a new perspective the creation of the tribune poet of the National Liberation Movement, but also of an incomparable creator of love poems: Ion Vatamanu. Thus, the CD will be distributed to educational institutions and libraries in the country.

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