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12 Apr. 2019 / 09:38

Contemporary art vernissage in Chisinau

A true vernissage of contemporary art can be seen at the headquarters of the French Alliance in Moldova. A group of plastic artists from France brought paintings and collages of photographs to Chisinau as part of a project involving a Moldovan-French exchange of exhibitions. The most spectacular is a collection of symbolic engravings, executed on graves, Moldova 1 reports.

"I think that the international collaborations are very important, first of all to know the foreign culture and to let others know us, to appreciate the artists from Moldova in the merits." "A very interesting coloring, very deep, abstract paintings, you can not suddenly understand what is represents." "There are extraordinary works, I come for the first time in Moldova, I know there is a close collaboration and friendly relations between our artists and Moldovans," say the participants.

The most expected artist of the exhibition was Yvan Le Soudier, who came this time with a collection of photographs of his works, abstract paintings on graves and sepulchers.

"I do not have a certain style and I could never adopt one. From paintings with landscapes, and portraits to paintings on tombs. Today I come with this collection of photos, next time, who knows ... ", said Yvan Le Soudier.

The organizers argue that such exhibitions are beneficial for the exchange of experience and the promotion of the country's image abroad.

"It is first and foremost the recognition of the Republic of Moldova on the international level. We know that art is often one of Moldova's best ambassadors abroad and we want to foster dialogue and cultural diversity," said Adrian Ciubotaru, deputy director of the French Alliance.

The exhibition will be open to the public by 31 May. 

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